How can we create an experience and an identity for a 3D 360° camera?

How can we create an experience and an identity for a 3D 360° camera?

Project Beyond

My Role —

Brand Design
& Web Design

@Samsung Research America

Project Beyond is a 360° camera that captures in high definition 3D. Think Tank Team has developed this camera, and I was part of the design team that created the user experience and brand identity. Project Beyond is a first of its kind from Samsung, so it was important to develop a brand that can uniquely stand aside from Samsung.

The Brand




Along with the website, we decided to create a page where we can upload 360° footages that we captured using the camera. We called this the Explore page. This page was designed and built to highlight the immersive nature of the content that is created with the product.



When Project Beyond was released into the wild, we had the vision to build a brand new ecosystem within the Samsung family. We wanted the whole experience of capturing and editing VR content to become streamlined. So, we built a flow diagram to explain how creating and editing VR content would be using products from Samsung.

SDC 2014 & 2016

Project Beyond was both featured in Samsung Developers Conference 2014 & 2016. It was first announced to the public in 2014, and in 2016, it revealed the actual working model. Besides creating graphics and promotional items for Project Beyond, we also managed to show and explain the product to attendees of the conference.