How can we create a brand to represent the evolution of science and technology?

How can we create a brand to represent the evolution of science and technology?


My Role —

Brand Design,
Print Design
& Web Design

SYNC stands for Science Yielding New Creativity, and it is a technology museum located at San Jose, California. The project is a redesign of The Tech Museum in the same area, and it aims to celebrate mankind’s technological achievements by highlighting connections between fields of studies. As a part of this project, a fictitious exhibition called, Hybrid Evolution, was born. Hybrid Evolution features three American inventors who have created something new by crossing more than one fields of science.




Exterior Design & Wayfinding

Event Brochure





San Jose Tech Museum is a great place that explains the evolution of technology and science. However, despite the rich content inside, the museum's identity didn't really have a unique voice that highlights the essence of technology evolution. I wanted to create an identity that makes this museum stand out from other technology museums. It needed to have a unique say on the process of creating a new invention.

Logo Development

It was very important to capture the process of inventing new technology and ideas. Throughout iterations, I focused on creating a mark that shows that new ideas are not just simply born from scratch, but it is created by connecting the dots between our old ideas and thoughts. I was highly inspired by the simplicity of chemical symbols and decided to use the "Y" as a sign that combines pieces of "science" for new "creation".